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We put our hearts in each project that we undertake. We are always committed to deliver the best apps and products made in Germany. Imperium Apps will be your app development partner in every stage, from conception, to design, development and beyond the App Store.
5+ Years, 2M+ Downloads

We were at the App Store since the iPhone 4, which is like an eternity before.
And we have not stopped since then.

Latest Technologies
Mobile, Wearables, TV

We create products for the latest platforms and gadgets. We are passionate to deliver always cutting edge apps.

Team & Partners
Only the best

We collaborate with the best people on the region to create beautiful and amazing apps. Everyone is master at their craft!

We craft apps for

iOS, Android
Apple Watch, Android Wear
Apple TV
Next Gen Personal Finance App
Vinery Club for Apple TV
Find And Order Directly The Best Wines

Coming Soon…

Seamless Social Shopping
Hauls.com for Apple TV
Seamless Social Shopping Experience On Your TV
MoneyCoach For Apple Watch
Transactions by Voice And So Much More
Online Banking For Teenagers

Coming soon…

Millionaire Calculator
Compound Interest Calculator for Apple TV
UltraFootball for Apple TV
Live Score Results And Football Matches

allowed only.

Come on, you know where we operate from. Everybody knows about our totally awesome and rad offices where we make magic happen.

You still don’t remember? Here’s a refresher for you.

Adlerstraße 10
90403 Nuremberg

Email: info@imperiumapps.com
Phone: +49 911 66445938

via this form.


Ps: We hate outsourcing too. We don’t want you to experience what we experienced…

iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Apple Technologien

Perjan has more than 5 years of experience in iOS design & development.
His apps account for nearly 2 million downloads in the App Store.
He has worked for companies like Raiffeisen Bank, Cortal Consors, Clear IT, etc, thus giving him extended expertise in the Finance branch.
Perjan delivers & manages products for startups and big corporations by providing a personalized approach to every project.

Become a Partner

We are always eager to collaborate with the best. Do you think we can help each other and our clients? Contact us immediately!



Our awesome guys have a lot of experience when it comes to building and developing for Android.

Web Apps

You need a web app with Ruby on Rails or AngularJS? No problem, our partners work for the leading companies in the region.


Complex User Interfaces or unique brand experience? We got this, our partners amaze companies worldwide.

Learn from our success (and failures)

We write a lot of cool stuff about app development, startup life, business tips, and Swift tutorials. We will send you millions of SPAMS :). No just kidding, only awesome content. Subscribe below now…

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