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We are pleased to announce that everyone using Particular AR now can get a Creator profile via “Sign in with Apple” and start sharing and showcasing their AR creations with the Particular AR community.

This new feature is in a stage we like to call “Early Access” and as such, for a limited time, it will be free for anyone who wants to jump in and share exciting AR experiences and most importantly, easily create AR content via the “AR Frame” feature. AR Frame is perfect for painters, designers and photographers for showcasing their amazing paintings, designs, and photos in the AR space.

Download Particular AR, go into the Profile tab, and use “Sign In With Apple” to get Creator access.

We are also pleased to announce that our latest AR experiences like the “PS5 vs Xbox Series X” size comparison and the “PS5 AR” models went viral with more than 2M views on Twitter, 20K views on Youtube and Instagram, numerous mentions and many link-backs from prestigious blogs like Eurogamer, Screenrant, Mashable, etc.

The app also saw a very considerable spike in the number of downloads and the daily user engagement with the curated AR content and experiences went through the roof.

Thanks to all of the new users who downloaded the app and joined the AR revolution. We are just getting started!

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