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AR Showroom

Experience car information in Augmented Reality


The app should be extremely intuitive to use and it should work on all iOS devices that support augmented reality.
Increase app retention time
Due to its immersive nature, the augmented reality app should increase the usage time and make the user more engaged
Detect several cars
The augmented reality app must detect different cars in a showroom and should be updated from the server with the latest data

Product Description

The way the app works is super simple. You just point it to one of the cars, the app will detect it and then visualize information and specs about that car.

As you move around the car, the specifics car highlights will be shown. With a subtle animation, on-sight information will be presented to the potential buyer, while keeping them in a beautiful augmented reality environment.

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Product Features

Car Recognition
The app detects what car model you are focusing on and it displays related information.
3D Object Detection
The app detects certain parts of the car, such as headlamps, wheels, front, etc. and it shows hotspots with information
Car Specs
The most important car specs will be shown based on the car that the user is visualising. The AR app will automatically detect the car model
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New technology
The project was developed using ARKit. While the technology allows you to do a lot of cool things with AR, it has some limitations and it is fairly new. For us, it has been a great possibility to explore AR development.
3D object recognition
We had to train the app to detect and map existing car imageries with our custom mapping algorithms. We had to take into consideration different lighting and ambient conditions and different models.
Technology limitations
ARKit has some limitations that don’t allow you to fully realise what you intend to do. Nevertheless, with careful design and some tricks from the movie industry, we managed to create a seamless experience.

Tech Applied

The tech applied in AR Showroom is quite complex, because many technologies and frameworks play together to create a great experience for the users.

We are mentioning some of the most important or coolest ones.

The augmented reality framework from Apple has been the start of the show, allowing us to develop a fantastic solution for car manufacturers. During this project we managed to explore the framework and realise an immersive app.
We used Firebase for the usage analytics and for storing the latest car data and stats. In this way, the car company can just update the information on the backend when a new car comes out, without releasing a new app update.
We used SceneKit for creating and visualising the stats for each car. We then anchored those views in realtime to the car parts that the user was seeing at that time.
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The Result

This was a technically challenging project. We have put many hours of work into this, allowing us to deliver an innovative augmented reality app.

We are proud to say that Imperium Apps develops augmented reality apps for car manufacturers.

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