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Ultimate Football Liga

Live match results for the German football championships on your Apple TV


Live Results, always updating
The app should get the latest results and display them to the user. If someone scored a goal while the user was inside the app, he should experience it as well.
Detailed team page
The user should see a detail screen for each team, with their own top stats and data for the current season.
See the season’s schedule
The user should be able to navigate effortlessly in the app, while seeing the current match-day schedule.
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How Does It Work?

1 – The app provides the perfect place for you to see current and future fixtures for the German football league.

2 – Every result is being displayed in realtime & designed in an easy to use way, this app allows you to get the latest stats for your team.

3 – You open the app and you are immediately greeted with the home screen, which is a dashboard the complete football season.

4 – You can immediately see the league standings on the left, while with a swipe you can see the current match day fixtures.

5 – If you wanna go into more details, you can press the Apple Remote and see a detail screen of the selected match.

6 – If you wanna see more details about your team, you select it and see the stats, along with the complete season calendar for the team.

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New platform / new technologies
The app started its development just 2 days after Apple released their shiny new Apple TV. With the new device came also a variety of new concepts.
New UX / new user interaction models
This was the first time Apple made the tvOS (AppleTV’s operating system) available to developers. It had a brand new design language and brand new user interactions.
Totally new programming language
The challenge was to build the entire app from scratch using Swift, Apple’s newest programming language.
Being a new language, very different from the good old Objective-C, this posed a challenge at the beginning, since every language has its own tips and tricks.
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Tech Applied

Core Data
We used Core Data for local persistence. This allowed us to get the results for the API, store them locally and display them even if there was no internet connection.
Native Swift Development
When we started this project, Swift was a very young language, still fresh and unexplored for most iOS developers. We jumped right in and learned a lot during the development of this app.
Live Results API
In order to get the latest football results, we had to use an external API service. After connecting to the API, we got the data, parsed them and stored them in Core Data.

The Result

With this project, we were able to deliver a great football stats app in a fresh and new platform, while using the latest technologies and programming language.

After the project, we can say that Imperium Apps develops modern and high-quality Apple TV apps.

How much will my app cost?

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