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Watch AR

Experience luxury watches in augmented reality


Easy to use
The app should be super easy to use and extremely intuitive. The target group are watch collectors and owners of luxury watches. The app should feel as natural as possible.
Generate more leads
The app should serve as a lead generation tool for the seller/manufacturer. Being able to display the watch in augmented reality, the interested lead can experience it from the comfort of his/her couch.
Provide added value
The app should not serve only as a marketing tool, but also as a place where you can see the latest releases, limited editions, world premiere events, etc.

Product Description

Experience luxury watches in their full splendor without going to the boutique, but from the comfort of your couch.

Watch AR allows you to see how a watch looks like in augmented reality. Then, in one tap, you can schedule a personal appointment or buy the watch directly. 

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Why develop an Augmented Reality app?

61% of the customers desire to see AR technology implemented on retail over other technologies
133 billion Dollars will be raised by the global AR market by 2021
80% of the AR market revenue will come from the retail sector

How Does It Work

Using the Watch AR app is pretty simple. You open it, focus it on your table, select the model you wanna display and that’s it.

You can move around with your iPhone or iPad and see every detail of the watch. Because the watch visualized in augmented reality has real-life proportions, you can see how it fits on your wrist.

Another great feature of the app is the ability to adapt the 3d model to the environment lighting, to make it look as real as possible.

You can try out many different watches firsthand and if you decide to make your move on one of them, you can do that in one tap. Schedule an appointment or buy it directly. Extremely comfortable and super easy.

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New technology
Augmented Reality is still a new technology and it has some limitations when it comes to the features you wanna develop or the different use cases. That is why when developing AR apps, you have to sit down with the UI designers and UX experts and discuss strategies or limitations. In this way, the team finds together a way to overcome these hurdles.
High fidelity 3d models
Using high fidelity 3d models with a massive number of polygons it’s tricky. During the app development, we learned about these rendering issues and we did our best to keep the frame rate as near to the ideal 60fps as possible. Thanks to a constant collaboration between 3d model designers and developers, a vast number of performance improvements was achieved.

Tech Applied

The tech applied in Watch AR is quite complex, because many technologies and frameworks play together to create a great experience for the users.

We are mentioning some of the most important or coolest ones.

The core framework used to develop the app is ARKit, Apple’s own augmented reality framework. We used different features of the framework such as world tracking, object detection and plane detection.
Blender and Cinema 4D
We used these 2 apps for converting and improving the performance of the 3d models provided. The 3d artist made several changes and refinements so that every watch looks fantastic in the app.
The app was written completely in Swift. A decent amount of unit tests was written, thus making sure that the app won’t break in the future due to some new features or operating system updates.
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The Result

The result achieved was an app that was used for a trade show by the company. There is a plan to release it to every user in the App Store, but no confirmation yet.

At Imperium Apps we designed, developed and delivered an augmented reality app that can be used on any iOS device and that makes use of the latest technologies the platform has to offer.

How much will my app cost?

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