First, I want to thank all of you who have been using our app to add hashtags to your Instagram bangers. We wanted to make this app as a fast and simple as it could get and the response has been amazing.

You guys have shared more than 23.1K photos (that’s crazy) in Instagram since our last update using our hashtag clouds and we couldn’t be any happier.

Now, we want to support this app further by adding some really cool features like an artificial intelligence based hashtags suggestion, we need your support. That’s why in this update we introduced Super Hashtags Premium, where for a one-time payment you will be supporting our small team of developers and unlock extra powerful features like creating your own hashtag clouds.

A lot of you guys requested this feature, so we decided to finally implement it. Once premium, you can add as many hashtag clouds as you want, there’s no limit. When premium you won’t see any ads and you will get to check and use the new hashtag clouds first.

If you haven’t already downloaded Super Hashtags For Instagram, what are you waiting for? Join the other hundreds of thousands of people who are using the app to step up their Instagram game to the next level. Going premium and leaving a positive review helps a lot!

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