Today is a big day for us at Imperium Apps as we are releasing the first version of MoneyCoach on Android under the moniker MoneyCoach Blitz.

It has been a long time coming and a lot of work from our crack team of Android developers, but it is finally here for all of you to download and start your journey towards the financial freedom.

So why does it have “Blitz” after the name?

Blitz means fast and that’s what this first version of MoneyCoach for Android is designed to be. Lightweight, reliable and easy to use, MoneyCoach Blitz was based on what we learned from the iOS version and the time-resources constraints of developing an app natively on another platform.

In MoneyCoach Blitz you can:

  • Check out your Net Worth in real time
  • Add all your accounts
  • Set up fixed Incomes and Expenses
  • Track all your Expenses and Incomes very easily
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Delete, edit or create your own Categories & Subcategories
  • Check out how much money you have left for the period
  • Check out your spending habits and where you spend the most money

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