Imperium Apps as one of the most innovative app development studios in Nuremberg will be working hard to become the best Bot Development Agency in Bavaria (or Bayern).

Just recently at the F8 or so to speak Facebook Developers Conference, Mark introduced a lot of cool stuff. One of the hottest points was the Messenger Chatbot API and the Bot Engine. After reading a ton of documentation and looking through the entire API, Imperium Apps decided to start taking it seriously and develop consumer products.

Our first Bot app

MoneyCoach is having a huge success with its Apple Watch app, by allowing people to enter transactions just by speaking.

Now, with the bot technology, we want to make MoneyCoach present on your Messenger app. So you could just write “add 20$ to food” and boom! No need to open the app whatsoever. Later will come features as “money left”, “money spent this month” etc.

Why Bots are great for business

Here is a list of points why we believe you should start thinking seriously about Bots:

  1. Bots will be universal
    It doesn’t matter if you are on Android or iOS or even Blackberry :). As long as you have configured the bot correctly, then you’re good to go in every platform.
  2. Bots will be in every chat app
    Messenger, Snapchat, iMessage, you name it. You will find a bot in every chat app.
  3. Bots are fast
    Focused on only 3-4 major use cases, bots can operate really fast.
  4. Bots bring sales from the younger generations
    Anyone from 12-18 with a credit card (mom’s credit card), can make a purchase amazingly fast, by only sending some emojis. How cool is that for a company like Adidas to sell their shoes throughout a Bot.
  5. Bots have personalities
    Attention on this one: It will reflect the entire personality of your business.
  6. No need for additional apps
    The bots will be already there, you won’t need to install any other apps.
The Near Future

I am pretty sure that at this year’s WWDC, Apple will introduce some cool APIs to integrate bots in every iOS app. All the infrastructure is already present, CloudKit, Deep Linking, Extensions, Core Spotlight. We can’t wait to see what they will do with this technology.

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