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Habits make us who we are. They also affect the way we think and what we believe. Bad habits, as you might guess, are bad for you, and if they take over, they will undermine your potential growth. Breaking bad habits requires a lot of self-control, but it is not impossible, you just have to do it. Ready to change your life? Here’s what you need to look out for:

Saying “yes” to everything is bad for you

“No” is a powerful word that you should not be afraid to wield. Don’t be a “yes man or woman”. If you find it hard to say no the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout and even depression, all of which erode self-control. And we need all of our self-control to break bad habits, so start with this one and it will be easier for you down the line.

Stop comparing yourself to other people

When you feel good about something that you’ve done, don’t allow anyone’s opinions or accomplishments take that away from you. Your self-worth comes from within, so if you think you accomplished something, that’s what matters the most. Remember, haters gonna hate.

Waiting for the right moment

You know when it’s the right moment to do something? Now, do it. Ah, you missed it. You missed sending that application that could have landed you a new job. You missed replying to that email that could have landed a big client. You missed sending that message to your crush and now she’s with someone else. And so on… Take action now, don’t try to talk yourself out of it. Now it’s the right time to do it, so do it!

Checking your phone during a conversation

You know people that do this. Well, you might be one of these people. How do you feel when you are in the middle of a conversation and someone looks at their phone? This is how they feel when you do it, so stop doing it.

Do you have these habits? Start strengthening your self-control and work towards breaking these nasty habits that have the power to bring your career to a grinding halt.

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