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MoneySpaces lets you create budgets, accounts or any money lists and is perfect to help you track all of your expenses.

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The vision was to create a comprehensive platform that effortlessly facilitates financial management and collaboration among users, whether it's with family members, friends, or colleagues at work. With MoneySpaces, budgeting becomes a breeze as you can easily create and share budgets, accounts, and money lists, all while ensuring the utmost security through iCloud and CloudKit integration.

At its core, MoneySpaces empowers you to stay in control of your finances by offering a wide array of features. Tracking expenses becomes a seamless task, and you can tailor your budgets to suit your specific needs, making it your go-to personal finance tool. Think of it as your very own Notes app, but exclusively designed to cater to your financial aspirations.

The versatility of MoneySpaces truly sets it apart. The app's adaptability makes it ideal for a plethora of budgeting needs. Whether you want to establish allowances for your kids, split living expenses with roommates, manage debts with friends, plan a shared-expense trip, keep tabs on travel expenses during business trips, or even calculate event and party costs - MoneySpaces has got you covered!

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