We previously posted a short article about the App Store Optimization with a few tips on how and what to do to increase your app download numbers tenfold. Well, today we want to continue that by sharing an amazing article we found online from Meatti. They have a fantastic collection of tips, tools and link to help you become basically a ASO god.

I’ll just paste the shortest version of the article, but please go ahead and read the full article since it might change your life.

How to do App Store Optimisation?

app store optimization tips keyword ranking strategyStep 1: Find the right app store keywords

To improve your app store search ranking, the quality of your app’s keywords is a huge deciding factor. This is why your app search optimization effort should start from finding the right app store keywords.

Step 2: Put the app store keywords in the right places

Now that you have chosen and optimized your app store keywords, you are ready for the step 2 of app search optimization: putting the app store keywords in the right places.

Step 3: Convert visitors to users

After app store keyword optimization, optimizing the app store page is the next core step of ASO.

The first goal of app search optimization is to increase the app installs. To this end, the app detail page has to be persuasive enough to convert the app store page visitors to app users.

Repeat the three steps every three weeks or four because that is when big trends of app store keywords change. Don’t give up if the results of first few optimizations are not turning out well. App marketing takes time and app store optimization needs many observations to master.

Good luck in your journey!

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