We are excited to announce that our new app Benji, a habit tracking app with a collaborative twist, is being released on the App Store as an iOS exclusive today!

Benji is the habit tracker for busy/lazy people. Everything is within your reach. No “fancy” or useless timers, counters, etc. that make habit tracking a hassle. Invite your friends, hold each other accountable, create healthy habits, and level up your lives.

“We are busy, like most people, as there’s a lot of things to do every single day. We searched for a habit tracker to reflect this, where everything from setting up a habit to marking it as done to be easy, fast, and accessible. However, we also wanted to check on each other’s progress with the daily habits so that we can hold each other accountable, motivate or tease for the progress or lack thereof. Unfortunately, we didn’t find an app like this.” – says Krist, the design lead for Benji.

Armed with the knowledge of previously building the MoneyCoach app, the team decided to create the habit tracker for busy people with a collaborative twist.

Benji has deep iOS integrations, where adding a new habit is fast. Completing a habit is faster with just one-tap and you can check, compete, motivate, congratulate and tease your friends for their progress. 

Seeing each others’ progress and competing to keep up your streak makes habit tracking easy, fun, and satisfying. Insights are glanceable with a simple, intuitive, and clean design so you know where you stand with your habits, perfect for busy people. Positive (and slightly negative reinforcement) helps you improve your habit tracking.


  • One-tap to complete habits
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Swipe to edit, skip, delete habits
  • Beautiful iOS-centric design
  • Reminders & notifications when habits are due or friends complete them
  • Alternate app icons
  • Home Screen Widgets

Benji is an iOS exclusive app launching March 1st on iOS with future updates expanding it on Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.

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