4ever - Relationship Coach Releases Today on the App Store

by Perjan Duro, Founder

Today, we are proud to announce that our new app, 4ever - Relationship Coach, is available exclusively on the App Store for iOS.

4ever helps you build a better and stronger relationship with your partner!

The key to a long lasting relationship is communication, appreciation and commitment. That’s why we made 4ever, the app to help you with all that.

Awesome features:

Private Journal

In 4ever you can easily track your mood, how you feel and how your day went. You can just one-tap mood check or fully describe what went on on any particular day. Feeling sad? Happy? Grateful? Unsure? 4ever will help you log all your feelings in one place so that you can easily recollect what happened.

Events Tracking

Someone once said “The best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once.”. Well, with 4Ever that will never happen as you can add all your important life and relationship events. You will never forget to get that anniversary gift, that birthday present or that bouquet of flowers. You and your partner will be just happy.

Relationship Boosters

Did you remember to say “I love you” to your partner before you left for work? Did you remember to compliment your partner today? Did you remember to kiss your partner as soon as they woke up? With 4ever’s Relationship Boosters you will! Add these important daily tasks so you will be reminded to execute them. Repeat them daily and as they become a habit, your appreciation for your partner will grow larger and your relationship will reach new heights.

Relationship Academy

Do you know what makes a relationship healthy? What about the red flags you need to look out for in a relationship? In 4ever you will find a collection of extremely valuable lessons that will help you step up your relationship game. You will become better at communicating your feelings, you will learn how to keep the intimacy alive, you will learn how to practice acceptance and so much more. You will become a better person and your partner will love you even more.

Daily Quotes

“No road is long with good company” says an old Turkish proverb. 4ever is packed with some of the best relationship and love quotes out there that will make you stop, think and help you become better in your relationship life. 

Download 4ever - Relationship Coach now and strengthen your relationship and marriage.

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