7 Reasons Why Apps Are the Future Television

by Perjan Duro, Founder

In the era of smart TVs and mobile apps, who wants to permanently remain chained to satellite dishes or cable boxes? Thanks to the iPhone and other handheld devices, now your television is right in your pocket! There are numerous apps that allow you to catch up with your special shows, anytime, anywhere, on your tablet, droid phone and other devices.

With more than 6000 mobile TV apps presently available in the Google Playstore or Amazon Appstore, finding your favorite Android TV apps can be a bit tiring. All these apps have a huge download rate between 50,000 to 100,000.

The era of television is gradually coming to an end as cable TV faces increasing pressure from cord cutters, mobile devices and over-the-top video services. Even the conventional ad-based business model of TV is under threat from the giants Netflix, iTunes, Google Play and Hulu, which just introduced a new premium service that rule out most advertising (except at the beginning and end of some programming).

A careful and precise observation of the operations and features of internet TV and mobile apps clearly indicates the main reasons behind its huge popularity. We've taken our time to present to you the 7 reasons why apps are the future television.

There Are Various Apps To Get Online TV Content

The tremendous popularity of mobile apps and internet TV has really encouraged many companies and businesses to offer internet TV services. So a viewer has numerous options to watch his selected shows online. You can directly visit the web page of the channel, and efficiently stream the live and recorded episodes of a program. Similarly, you can simply stream the online TV shows and movies from most popular internet TV service providers like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu.

You Can Watch TV Shows On The Go With Your Mobile Apps

The brimmed schedules and busy lifestyle of people today make it very difficult for them to dedicate their time to watch their special TV programs live. At the same time, if you have also missed the last episode of your number one program, you can easily and freely watch it online. These great options further enable more viewers to access the episodes at their own individual pace. As you can easily stream the online television content to your various mobile devices, the episodes can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

No Cable TV Subscription

Each family simply has to decide a cable TV plan based on its basic choice of TV channels. Often you have to pay huge cable TV bills on a monthly basis to watch your favorite shows and programs. But the amazing and innovative IPTV solutions used by most television channels allow you adequately eliminate the need for cable television subscriptions. Ultimately, you can simply visit the websites of these outstanding channels, and stream the programs without incurring any expenses.

You Can Use Any Device of Your Choice For Easy Streaming

Everyone wants to watch online shows and videos on his favorite devices. Some people easily access the audio and VOIP on their computers, although others stream the online content to their mobile devices. In addition, most TV channels have successfully launched specialized apps by targeting popular mobile devices and web browsers. The great feature further makes TV viewing experience much more fun and dynamic.

With Apps, Less Is More

What we are really finding is that today with enhanced technology, and modern consumer preference, people who are comfortably using mobile phones, tablets and other devices to access the Internet at their basically viewing screen don’t normally want portals. They do not want apps or circumstances that have all kinds of stuff baked into it, because it’s a pain in the ass, to move around with your site navigation and figure out what you want particularly in a mobile environment.

Increasing Number Of Mobile App Users

Several reports have emphasized the constant increment in the number of viewers comfortably watching their favorite TV shows over the internet. The improvements in communication technologies has further influenced the popularity of conventional cable TV service negatively. Apparently, gone are the days, when someone has to sit down in front of his TV set, and endlessly wait for the broadcasting of his special and favorite shows.

Apps Are More Convenient And Affordable

This is an amazing prospect. Imagine paying just a little to absolutely nothing for actual Tv over the internet service you previously subscribe to. This is actually coming, and in several ways it's already here. Nevertheless, for there to be a complete acceptance of this ideal of watching TV, high-definition content is going to be seamless over the internet which literally remains to be seen. What next? Prepare yourself for a new and great method of entertainment. It's just begging to happen! 

Final Thought And Ideas

The main experience of watching television in 2016 already feels completely disconnected from the experience of watching TV in 1996. We really doubt the present structure of TV will actually exist in the next twenty-five years.

Something will surely replace television which is mobile apps, the same way TV replaced radio: through the main process of addition. Television took the audio produced by radio and simultaneously added visual images.

One transformative significance is that, developers can now efficiently build the environments in which viewers watch shows. This primarily differs from traditional TV where the design and operation of every channel is substantially the same.

On a last note, the user experience of a conventional TV channel is limited to "tune in" and "watch". The user experience of an app is, however, limitless!

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