How Technology Impacts the Modern Workplace

by Perjan Duro, Founder

Modern technology has reshaped various industries. What's more, technology-driven innovations continue to change how industries operate as well. Technology gets adopted into companies easily and quickly, but it's oftentimes disruptive by nature. Today, organizations pretty much rely on the use of technology, in order to function properly. Technology does not only empower companies and improve their efficiency, as well as their overall performance on the market, but it also vastly increases employee motivation, productivity and effectiveness at work.

However, technology isn't always considered a benefit or an advantage. It helps everyone do their jobs easier by simplifying things, but it also greatly increases the amount of work people can produce, which can oftentimes become quite overwhelming. Nowadays, organizations work like well-oiled machines thanks to the help of technology, which is a significant improvement than how organizations performed two decades ago. That being said, here are a few ways how technology impacts the modern workplace.

Improving employee efficiency

Modern technology has helped improve employee efficiency and increase their productivity as well. Nowadays, employees can use various devices, such as computers, phones, tablets and others to complete their daily tasks more efficiently. Technology has also improved the work environment and work conditions within companies. For example, the digital age has enabled organizations to leverage a paperless office, which means that employees no longer have to struggle with an overabundance of paperwork and documentation.

In addition, digital documents and files can easily be stored, shared and created seamlessly. Cloud-based solutions, for instance, enable employees to exchange files in seconds between two remote offices located on different continents. Employees can communicate and collaborate regardless if they're present in the office or not, thanks to the Internet and various communication tools. Organizations today are able to produce vast amounts of data and employees are able to manage it effectively thanks to technology.

Utilizing resources

Modern companies are able to utilize their resources in a much more efficient way thanks to the help from technological advancements. Operating on the global market and opening up remote offices in any country and on any continent is easier than ever for companies. Technology has improved computing power, Internet speed and overall connectivity, which made working remotely possible. That's why companies can effectively leverage both in-house and remote employees.

Not only that, but companies are now able to tap into the global talent pool and find employees that are best suited for the job no matter where they're from. Remote work doesn't only benefit employers, but employees as well. People can work from home and focus on both their career and their personal life, helping them achieve work-life balance. In addition, it's far easier to find employment these days, especially since people can work remotely for companies that aren't even located in their country.

More available tools

As mentioned before, technology has improved work environments and conditions, but it has also provided various tools that can be used in workplaces to improve the overall efficiency. Not so long ago, typewriters and fax machines were the pinnacle of tools available in the workplace. Nowadays, powerful computers are only a single asset in the list of tools available to everyone within a company or an organization.

Moreover, technology also made various types of software available for workplaces to help employees finish tasks, organize work, make progress on projects and so on. That being said, new technology is constantly integrated into systems that companies use to operate. That way, companies are able to boost their performance. For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) is just an example of the newest technology being integrated into different systems. AI can be found in legal transcription services that help lawyers with their daily responsibilities. AI can also be found in chatbot features on messaging apps that provide seamless customer service and support to consumers.

Disadvantages of technology in the workplace

As mentioned before, technology isn't always perceived as a benefit in the modern workplace. Technology simplifies things and enables streamlining of entire work processes. This also enables more work output to be produced. Increased engagement and connectivity for employers and employees alike can easily lead to burnouts. Companies fiercely compete on the market in order to succeed, which is why they effectively leverage the fact that employees can do much more with the help of technology than they normally could without it.

This oftentimes leads to employees being overwhelmed with work. As a matter of fact, many companies expect employees to work even during their time off, such as holidays or even vacation days. Before technology empowered the workplace, people would go home and disengage from work after their work hours are done and that would be the end of it until the next day. Nowadays, people cannot disengage from work unless they completely shut down their smartphones, otherwise, they'll continue to receive notifications, emails and requests. If they do decide to turn off their phones, they might face consequences for not being available when they were needed.

Technology shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to improving or evolving. It will continue to reshape industries and how they operate. So far, the technological advancements have greatly improved the workplaces. It remains to be seen whether or not it will continue to do so in the future.

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