How To Make An App Like Pokemon Go

by Perjan Duro, Founder

The new great and sensational app, Pokemon Go, has excellently redefined our communities as complete strangers join forces to track down and capture imaginary monsters! Did Pokemon Go just solve the wide gap between the lack of activity associated with digital devices in new generations with the adventurous ways of the old? We think it might really have.


There's no denying Pokemon Go, by Niantic, has become an overnight success. In just a few days, it added over 9 billion dollars of value to the Nintendo name and nearly surpassed popular Twitter in daily active users, ain't that interesting? It seems as if everyone is unable to talk about anything else. Pokemon Go has suddenly come into our lives like a hurricane, both for the fans and the naysayers.

However, completing big projects like Pokemon Go require extremely high budgets. And something important to bear in mind before making an app is definitely knowing the actual amount it can cost. If you need the best quote for an Augmented Reality app it's essential to note that there are very few teams specialized in this area of technology, so you must be really careful who you hire for your project.

One of the good things Pokémon Go has fascinated its audience with is its skillful use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Geolocation (GPS). Pokémon Go literally brings the idea of the original game to reality; you have to move about to find your virtual pokémon. Using Augmented Reality Pokemon Go has really managed to bring this world to life by turning all true fans into Pokemon trainers, incredible!

Ostensibly, gaming app development totally differs from normal mobile apps development and has lots of details and nuances to consider. To start with, it is good to figure out what's distinct about the Pokémon Go mobile game, which are; the idea, the unique approach, the technology, the game engine and location awareness. All these should take note of when creating a mobile app like Pokémon Go.

How To Develop Your Own Pokemon Go - Like App

###Estimate: How much Pokémon Go-like app developments costs

As we have highlighted earlier, it is not easy, nor cheap, to make a good augmented reality application. There are not too many professionals specialized in Augmented Reality, probably because it of the high cost in time and money it takes to properly develop an app of this type. You will realize this project is incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

Nevertheless, creating a less sophisticated but not less exciting app could be a great option for a start. Anyway, you never know why precisely one or other app goes viral, so if you have a good idea, do not hesitate to turn it into reality.

So, let's quickly summarize everything aforementioned and find out the possible tips and also the sum of money that would be needed to create a low-end analog of the Pokémon Go mobile app.

Augmented Reality

In the case of Pokémon Go, the company developed the technology themselves by Ingress, a very long and expensive job. However, in your own case, technologies that have already been developed like Microsoft RA or Unity can be used. For a good Augmented Reality job, the simplest Unity-powered game will certainly cost you at least $50,000.


The great effort and money completely invested to develop an app also has to be repeated in efficiently designing the app. Although the design can be skimped on the front, if you want good results in order not to destabilize the figures, etc. developers have to work with the same time frame for development and with a budget of at least $50,000.


Similarly, you can make a simpler design which can cost up to $40,000. Do not forget! These expenses will totally include the game design (however, don't expect the elaborate graphics) and quality assurance. All extra features like in-app purchases, location awareness and augmented reality integration will add up to your this cost.

Back End

This is one of the major problems Pokemon Go has actually faced in Europe, the reason being that it has been forced to delay its launch, and the backend problems are; designs, profiling, geolocation, interactions, etc. This is a rudimental part of developing this type of application and a minimum of $50,000 must be invested if you want it to completely take off without any hitch.

App Store Optimization & Marketing Strategy*

The journey to develop an app like Pokémon Go doesn’t end on the aforesaid. After successfully developing the app, now you need to make it well known, get users and at the same time monetize it. We highly recommend that you save at least 50% of your budget to promote the app. App store optimization normally isn’t much of a cost investment at approximately $1200 per operating system: Android, iOS, Windows, but the app marketing strategy will be long, continuous and well worth it.

This process may be excessive, but prepare a substantial amount of money for your app marketing and advertising campaigns. Fortunately, the Pokémon Go franchise already had part of the work done in the early 90’s, but your new app will start from the scratch and you will definitely have to work flat out to succeed.


To this end, if we start to think in numbers, we soon realize that you will need close to $200,000 to create your own Augmented Reality application or game. It may seem incredible but compared to the millions of dollars who have invested in Pokemon Go, it may not be so much.

On a last note, if you are ready, here is the plan: take $200,000 for a start, get in touch with a trusted and reliable software development company such as Imperium Apps and get ready for creative and challenging times of development. The final result is definitely going to worth it!

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