Join Particular Challenge and Win AR Experiences

by Perjan Duro, Founder

TL;DR: The challenge is to create something unique based on the provided image of the MacBook Pro keyboard. Same dimensions as the image, 30sec/30MB max. Submit your creation here. The winner gets his creation featured and gets to augment one or two of his creations with Particular.

Particular is out and we have been having fun with it for quite a while now. You've seen the cool stuff we have animated in our Instagram posts and stories. Now it's time to give to one of you the power of Particular, hence this cool simple creative challenge.

Before we delve into the details of this challenge, here are a few assumptions we made:

  • You are a Visual Artist / Creative / Misfit
  • You create awesome motion posters or awesome 3D objects/animations
  • You want to create augmented reality experiences with no coding whatsoever
  • You're probably using an iPhone, iPad or a MacBook Pro

Do these assumptions kinda represent you? Well, then you should definitely take part in this challenge. And if they do not, whatever, you are more than welcome to take part and submit your creative creation. So what is this challenge?

Animate me Senpai

It's really simple, to be honest. You just need to create something awesome, creative and unique that happens to the MacBook Pro Touch Bar keyboard. "Wait, what?" you might be asking. Well, check out the following simple AR animation that plays over when you scan the MacBook Pro keyboard with Particular to understand.

So the challenge is to create a creative thing that will play over the keyboard, but what about the prize? Well, if you win the challenge, your design will be the one that plays when you scan the keyboard with Particular. But also, you will get to animate in AR one (or two if we are feeling generous that day) of your posters, motion posters, 3D objects/animations etc. Runners-up will get a shoutout on Twitter and Instagram when we post videos of their creations!

Are you up for the challenge?

Submission Details and Requirements

  • Submit your creation in this Google Forms
  • Your submission must be of your own creation
  • The submission can be max 30 seconds long, max 30MB in size and a .mp4 file format
  • The dimensions should be the same as the provided sample image of the MacBook Pro keyboard so 1560 × 607
  • No inappropriate stuff
  • No copyrighted stuff
  • No rickrolling... well, maybe just a little

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