Kylo - Weight Tracker Releases Today on the App Store

by Perjan Duro, Founder

Today, we are proud to announce that our new app, Kylo, is finally available exclusively on the App Store as an independent Apple Watch app.

Kylo - Weight Tracker Plus was designed to make tracking your weight easy and simple directly from your watch. You can see your current weight and update it whenever you want. Once you enter your weight, the app will save the data directly on the Health app on your iPhone.

Kylo Promo Image

You can also customize your watch faces by adding complications that show your current weight and let you directly add the updated weight with just one tap. You also have the ability to switch between Kilograms and Pounds.

Kylo - Weight Tracker Plus is a great simple app that makes tracking your weight fast and simple.

Download Kylo now and track your weight from your wrist.

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