Why You Should Outsource Web Design

by Perjan Duro, Founder

Successful businesses pay top dollar for the most innovative web design that accurately represents their brand. Aesthetics aside, a good design makes them easy to navigate and understand, thereby helping visitors find exactly what they were looking for and taking your business a step closer towards turning a visitor into a customer. Web design also plays a large role in brand development, conversion rates, traffic acquisition and SEO and influences brand authority. But why do so many SMBs and large companies prefer outsourcing their workers for a good web design? And why should business take their time when outsourcing their design?

The issues with in-house developers

Having an in-house development team is actually a good, long-term strategy. This approach improves the communication between business owners and lead developers it ensures that all the business-oriented information stays within the company. Business owners can simply walk up to their development team and see exactly how much they’ve accomplished and how much work they have left until the design is finished, granting them a unique perspective regarding the speed and quality of work.

Additionally, in-house development teams are rather expensive. Every member of the team needs to be sufficiently paid and be provided with benefits and health insurance. Considering that the average team often consists of around 4-6 individuals, the costs can escalate rather quickly. Junior developers also need professional guidance, often in the form of an experienced and well-versed professional developer, the cost of whom can easily cover half of the development team.

1 - Outsourcing is cheaper

Unlike hiring a full, in-house team, outsourcing workers is far cheaper. The average business saves around 20% of the overall development costs simply by working with a remote team, regardless of whether it’s offshoring or nearshoring. There are two reasons why businesses save so much money outsourcing: different countries offer different labor costs and the fact that they don’t require office space that would normally be bought or rented out and maintained during their work.

2 - Outsourcing allows for scalability

Growing businesses also prefer outsourcing workers due to scalability. This allows them to hire workers depending on the task at hand and ending their work relationship once the task has been completed. Furthermore, outsourcing grants access to a much larger talent pool of experienced workers. While in-house developers always have the option of quitting mid-project, outsourcing allows replacing individual workers in case anything goes wrong.

3 - Outsourcing ensures accountability

Accountability is vital for any vendor-based partnership. An outsourced team will always try to keep working with the same company if the project was successfully finished and try to establish a long-term remote relationship in order to ensure the future success of both the team and the company they’re working for. E-commerce is one of the most prominent online industries and all it takes is a single bad move to completely ruin the company’s reputation, whether it’s through poor management of customer information, poorly developed purchasing options or simply due to a lousy website.

4 - Outsourcing helps companies focus on their business

Working with an outsourced team of developers takes the pressure and responsibility of the business owners and their managers, allowing them to focus on their work instead of wasting time on supervision. A project manager can easily send a report if and when needed without having to worry about constant oversight. Even if one of the team members cannot perform their job for one reason or the other, it’s the responsibility of the outsourced team to find a suitable replacement and keep the project going.

5 - Why opt for outsourcing?

The largest advantage of outsourcing is its largest flaw at the same time, and that is the immensely large talent pool to choose from. While there may be top-of-the-line experts who can easily get the job done with little to no issues, there are also numerous developers who think they are good, when in fact, they are not. It’s important to find a developer or a team of developers who are competent, have some previous work experience, recommendations, and positive reviews, already established work costs and a top-notch customer service.

Have in mind that a good development team will always ask you about the type of website you need and deliver the expected results without any issues. That said, a great development team will want to find out more about your company, including its brand image, business goals and plans for the future. This type of information is what helps great agencies work towards helping your company achieve its business goals instead of simply building a website. Go over each and every potential candidate or a team of candidates carefully and select only those that can adapt to the company’s needs, instead of having the company bend over backward for a nothing more than a decent web design.

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