Top Applications Based On Ethereum Network

by Perjan Duro, Founder

Ethereum has a smart contract system, which is now driving a burgeoning market of decentralized apps, that are built on the Blockchain. Ethereum can support decentralized smart contracts, which essentially are protocols that facilitate, verify or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract in a transparent and unhackable manner. It is accomplished through a Turing-complete (as in Alan Turing) programing language.

These guys here have made a fantastic breakdown of what Ethereum is, does and a lot of other cool stuff that is definitely worth a read.

Developers are now using this technology to build apps that operate in a decentralized and transparent manner, and although they are still a new form of technology, they are boosting the legitimacy and usefulness of Blockchains beyond currency.

Here are the top Apps running on the Ethereum Network :


Alice.Si is utilizing the blockchain technology to help strengthen support for charities. It uses the Ethereum smart contracts feature to protect donor investments in charities. Actually, it will only complete a payment to the charity in question, in case that charity makes a discernable impact. This keeps charities honest and builds trust among donors.


Coakt's developers say that it is the "logical next phase of crowdfunding evolution," and the app clearly aims high in its disruption of the traditional crowdfunding model. Using Coakt, users can not only raise cash but also build talent and technology, everything in support of making their ideas come to reality. Coakt could help to launch all new means of creating startups.


The world of freelance workers has been changed many times over thanks to technological developments. EthLance aims to do that all over again: it is a freelancer platform that facilitates the exchange of work for Ether instead of traditional fiat currencies. The possibilities of connecting workers with employers all around the world, and for the instantaneous transfer of digital funds, makes EthLance a compelling concept.

Raiden Network

The Raiden Network has a purpose to offer high-speed transfers of assets for Ethereum. This app is currently under development, but once it is implemented, it could help to transform Ethereum blockchain into a dramatically superior platform for fund transfers of all types, keeping transaction fees low and reliability high.


TenX offers users the ability to spend Ether almost anywhere in the world.

Cryptocurrencies have generally been slow to breach real-world points of sale, and platforms like TenX are working to solve this problem. TenX helps to sell physical Visa or Mastercard cards and they can be used to convert Ether into fiat currency in a variety of places.


One of the benefits of the blockchain network is its public nature. Apps like Gnosis have a purpose to harness the wide availability of users on the blockchain and will try to gain prediction data from voting samples. Gnosis can allow users to predict all sorts of different things, from election results to the weather. But just like some of the other apps on this list, Gnosis has its own token, too.


Etheria is described as a decentralized Minecraft in which the entire world state is stored in the Ethereum blockchain. The virtual world is made of land tiles which can be purchased for 1 Ether and can be interacted with by sending commands to a smart contract on the blockchain. Due to the decentralized nature of the application, it can never be taken down and can be interacted with without restrictions.


EtherTweet is a social dApp, that provides an uncensored, blockchain-based communication platform. Users can interact with the platform by adding blocks to the Ethereum blockchain, and can only remove their own contract from the application. It is essentially Twitter for Ethereum, with public messages, with a limit to 160 characters. Like most blockchain actions, users will need a tool like Geth Command Line to interact with EtherTweet.

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