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For the last couple of hours I’ve been listening to Eminem’s latest album, Music To Be Murdered By, on repeat cause you know, it’s really good.

And we wanted to celebrate this album release in some way and since we are heavily focused on Augmented Reality at the moment, we thought of a face filter. That’s why we created this face filter which can be enjoyed by everyone with an iPhone or iPad.

Just tap on the image you see above and you will be able to open and use this filter directly from Safari. Also, tap the screen to switch between the scenes.

This was a fun fanart project and is in no way a sponsored post or anything like that. If you do share anything on Twitter or Instagram, please make sure to tag us as we will retweet everything.

If you want to develop an AR app or an AR experience, get in touch with us. Also, take a look at our AR portfolio by clicking here.

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