How Startups Benefit from Outsourcing Digital Marketing

by Perjan Duro, Founder

When it comes to the issue of outsourcing, most people automatically think of areas like IT, HR or customer service. Nonetheless, the field of digital marketing is not that far behind. Like any task that depends on industry-specific tools, experience and contacts, starting your own in-house department is not a simple matter. With the option to outsource your online marketing tasks, you will be able to save a huge amount of time and effort. To demonstrate why outsourcing might be a good idea, here are several ways in which startups benefit from outsourcing digital marketing.

Outsourcing Digital Marketing Saves Money

The first thing you need to keep in mind when planning whether to outsource or not is the fact that a position of a digital marketer is not an entry-level job. In fact, you would have to hire someone skilled and educated in this field, as well as someone with previous work experience.

Aside from this, you would have to hire them as a full-time employee and pay them accordingly. Moreover, it would be your obligation to provide them with all the necessary equipment and digital tools that come at a price of their own. As you can see, the cost of starting your in-house department is not an idea that gives you great short-term ROI. Outsourcing actually reduces the cost of your overhead.

No Need for Diversifying Startup Operations

The more tasks you handle in-house, the more complex your company’s infrastructure becomes. On the other hand, by outsourcing your digital marketing you can focus on production, sales or whatever your core-tasks are. As a head of a startup, you will have too many obligations on your hands. Therefore, shifting at least a bit of this burden onto someone else might be a huge relief.

Marketing Executed in a Professional Way

As we mentioned in the first section, hiring an expert is quite expensive but it is much less expensive than an alternative to waiting for your team to become skilled enough to match the effectiveness of niche veterans. Until they reach this threshold of efficiency, you will constantly feel as if you’re losing money, that you’re underrepresented or that some things could be handled much better. Moreover, there are certain areas of digital marketing for which you need previous experience in in order to become proficient.

Learning From Digital Marketing Experts

For instance, when you decide to outsource to a veteran SEO agency such as GWM, you will immediately be working with industry professionals and that comes with its own additional benefits. Just one of the things that people often forget is the fact that these professionals already have a network of connections that they can rely on in time of need. Furthermore, they have all the necessary industry-specific tools and know all the most cost-efficient practices, which, drastically reduces the overhead of their operations.

Getting A Fresh Outsider Insight

So far, we’ve mostly discussed the benefits of outsourcing in general, however, what are some of the marketing-specific advantages of outsourcing. Well, first of all, an agency or an individual you’re outsourcing to is an outsider. This means that their insight on what your company looks like from the outside is more similar to that of your customers than that of your staff. In other words, they can devise a strategy that will give your potential customers a greater chance of immersion and in this way make your conversion rates more consistent.

Enjoying Easier Scalability

Finally, you need to keep in mind that as your workload increases, you need to find a way to make sure your business keeps up. Needless to say, this is not nearly as simple as it may seem. Here, you will have to make a choice whether to hire full-time workers, part-time workers or rely on freelancers and telecommuters. When outsourcing, all you have to do is renegotiate your deal or switch to a more expensive version of your partner’s services. In other words, outsourcing gives you an easily manageable scalability.

Outsourcing is for Everyone

One last thing that we need to mention is the fact that there’s a misconception out there that outsourcing is mostly used by startups and SMBs, which is quite absurd. In fact, some of the world’s largest conglomerate tend to heavily rely on outsourcing everything from their IT security to their production. Therefore, as your company grows, you won’t have to worry if you’ve made the wrong choice by outsourcing.

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