How To Upload a 3D Object In Particular AR

by Perjan Duro, Founder

If you want to share and showcase a 3D object you have created with Maya, C4D, blender etc. this is how you do it:

  1. Login to Particular (invited creators only)
  2. Tap the + button
  3. Select the “3D” mode
  4. Upload an image that will be used as a thumbnail in our feed.
  5. Upload a 3D file. Supported file formats for augmented reality are: .reality and .usdz. Maximum file size is 10 MB.
  6. Add metadata such as title, caption, etc.
  7. Tap “Upload”
  8. Once the upload finishes, our team will review it. If the review process is successful, the content will be accessible to everyone.
  9. Done. Now your followers can enjoy your 3D content in augmented reality. Everyone with the Particular AR app will be able to experience it.

Tips before uploading the 3d file

  • Make sure to export all textures and materials
  • Make sure that the file renders as it should on your Mac.
  • Make sure that the format is either .reality or .usdz. If you need help converting the 3d file, contact us.
  • Make sure that the file size remains under 10 MB.
  • You can preview this 3d file on your iPad or iPhone in augmented reality, by directly opening the file.
  • If you can open the file and see it as it should in AR, then you are good to upload it in Particular AR.

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