Augmented Reality AR

If you are in the market to buy a new TV, but you have no idea if it will fit in your room or current setup, fret not as Particular AR is here to help you.

We designed a small Augmented Reality experience, available for all iOS devices, which will place a beautifully rendered virtual TV in your room. Once you scan your TV or entertainment stand, the TV will appear on top of it.

Then by just tapping directly on the TV, you will be able to change its dimensions. Included in this AR experience are 42″, 48″, 55″ and 65″ TVs. This is the perfect tool to use if you plan on buying a new 4K OLED TV and be ready for when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X drop later this November.

Download Particular AR and check if your new TV will fit in your room.

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