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Do you thrive on chaos, or do you gravitate toward repetition? If you think you’re making strides while your life is in disarray, you may be mistaken. In fact, it is habits—the small ones but the ones that truly affect change—that distinguish very successful people who are ingenious and dedicated.

For entrepreneurs especially, those daily to-dos and drills give them dependable benefits that transform events, days, months, and years. Take praise: People with enviable habits give praise every day. They look for small changes to make. They get up at the same time every day. They move. And they plan for downtime. There are numerous examples of hard-charging, successful individuals who have instituted routines for the better. The CEO of Square, for example, rises at 5:30 every day, without fail, then meditates and jogs. He’s giving his mind space to breathe and his body room to get stronger.

Ready to learn more about the power of routine? Check out this graphic.

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