The Heart of the AR Creator Community - Particular Augmented Reality

by Perjan Duro, Founder

We are pleased to announce that our biggest update to date for Particular Augmented Reality app is now live on the App Store. Particular is the first platform to find and showcase curated augmented reality work created with Adobe Aero, Reality Composer and ARKit with no coding required!

Discover the world’s top augmented reality designers, developers, and a community gathered around Augmented Reality. Browse and experience curated Augmented Reality experiences like AR posters, dioramas, motion posters and so much more.

Consume AR content daily created by some of the world’s top designers and from our in-house design team. Every day brings a new poster, a unique feeling that you can experience it yourself with just one tap.

Visionary AR creators can upload and showcase their AR designs and experiences created with Adobe Aero or Reality Composer with the rest of the community and engage with them on a daily basis.

Particular is the missing link between AR Dev Tools like Reality Composer, Reality Converter, ARKit & Adobe Aero, and the ability to experience these creations in real life. No coding required!

Transport your art into a whole new dimension with AR with Particular. Connect digital content like motion graphics or videos with your print materials and the next time anyone else in the world scan it with Particular will have their mind blown as the print will come to life and start moving right before your eyes!

Showcase your AR designs and experiences on social media and impress the world.

Contact us on Instagram or drop us an email. Are you an AR content creator and want your work to be featured?

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