Should You Update Your App With Christmas Theme

by Perjan Duro, Founder

It’s that time of the year. By now, we assume that just like everyone else, you’re already super busy getting ready for the holidays. The crazy shopping season is upon us and every statistic points in one direction – it’s about to be crazier than ever. The wave of launches that washed over everything guarantees that a mobile device will appear on nearly every shopping list and Santa’s sleigh will be packed with new iPads and iPhones.

For all of you app developers out there, this means business and plenty of it. Because the first thing people will do with their brand new iPhones, Androids and tablets (oh my!) is installing many, many new apps. So if you want your app to be on their wish list – here’s your holiday checklist:

Get in the Holiday spirit

While marketing your app for the Holidays is definitely more than Santa hats everywhere – the little hats are still very much part of it. Creating a new holiday-themed design for your app is important. So deck the halls, and make your app Christmas-pretty.

Update Your App with Holiday Theme

Don’t you enjoy seeing everywhere a mix of red and green, and Santa, and elves and reindeers and snow and… well, you got the idea. But, so are your users. Everybody is expecting to see some changes during this season, so spend some time to modify your app. Start by changing the colors and maybe you can add some custom buttons to make it funnier. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business app. People will smile more while they will complete their usual tasks. At the same time it will increase the awareness regarding your brand.

Work On ASO for Christmas

We continue with the idea of changing your app according to this occasion but it is essential to improve your app store page as well. Insert right keywords in your app title that perfectly describes your app without any ambiguity. Create an interesting icon related to Christmas that will increase the interest of possible users. Add new screenshots with the modified app and create a fascinating video which will impress your users.

Investment In-App localization Is Important

It is very important that your app is localized according to the local market to give more of a personal touch to the user. It will improve your sense of connectivity with users of different countries and will help you in interacting with the customers in a better manner. The right kind of App localization will improve your Christmas sales to a great extent. Therefore, ensure that the translation is done in an effective manner and it represents the right message. So, don’t wait and hurry up, get your app in the Christmas mode and improve your business at a significant pace.

Use Push Notifications

Now that you have a more festive app, how can you inform your users about the transformation? Yes, that’s right. The answer is push notifications.

And also don’t forget to discover the best moment to wish them “Merry Christmas!” without bothering them. It is important to engage users when you have the chance and to make them remember your app, especially on happy occasions.

Christmas is a time to indulge in celebrations and happiness. With the rise in the mobile app industry, the demand for interactive applications is also on the rise.  If your mobile application is interactive, then it will definitely drive more users. People always look for more unique mobile apps especially when it is Christmas themed.

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