What’s New In Benji 1.0.1?

Hi everyone!

We are working hard to make Benji better and more reliable with each update. Here’s what’s new in this new update:

  • We improved the initial experience when creating a new habit
  • We improved the stability and reload speeds of the UI
  • We improved the empty states of the Today and Sharing screens
  • We improved the layout of the Settings
  • We improved the alert that asks for allowing Notifications to send and receive motivation or tease messages to your friends

We have only just started with Benji. Thanks for being among the first ones to download and support Benji, it means a lot to our small team. If you have feedback or suggestions, please submit a support ticket from within the app.


Benji team

Krist Duro

Consigliere @ Imperium Apps GmbH

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