Veni, Vedi, Vici

Long story short or as the cool kids say TL;DR, we won the first place at the IBM Hackathon!

The event was held by IBM in Frankfurt with the goal to develop banking solutions based on cognitive IBM Technology that improves drastically access to mobile and general financial services. With a special focus on people with handicap, the main challenge was to empower them in doing their financial services like transactions, ledger queries, investment consulting and stock-exchange overviews without any difficulty.

All of this would be achieved using IBM Watson, a new innovative technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. To put it even simpler, we had the power of an A.I or artificial intelligence in our disposal… that’s why we created SkyNet.

Joking aside we, or better say, our supreme leader along with two talented students he met at the event, showed in real-time what could be done with the power of IBM Watson. Integrating new and innovative features using Cognitive Computing with voice and gesture control to simplify the daily financial business into MoneyCoach, which for patent pending purposes cannot be discussed in more details, we convinced the jury and took home the first place.

The event was fantastic and we would like to thank @IBM and @nataliaweiss15 for holding the event and giving us, along with many other developers, the opportunity to “play around” with IBM Watson. This new tech is amazing and what we saw at the event is just a smidge of what IBM Watson is capable of. The future looks bright and awesome!

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