Happy Birthday, Imperium Apps

by Perjan Duro, Founder

I can't believe that it has been two years, two whole years since Imperium Apps started. The first year we did achieve some cool milestones, but in the second one, man, we just blew past the first year.

We moved our operations from Nuremberg to the center of Berlin. It was a very scary period finding the office space, finding where to live and dealing with all the bureaucratic stuff...yuck, but it was definitely the right move. Berlin never sleeps and it has this amazing startup atmosphere that pushes us every day to be the best and deliver the best solutions to our clients.

We hired like-minded driven people expanding our team. Now we are stronger and even more ready to tackle big projects that have a real impact on people's lives. Again, scary but exciting at the same time.

What else? Oh yeah, projects, we delivered some amazing project this past year in the business, entertainment, financial and media genres. We also crafted a couple of interesting and big IoT projects.

This past year we also became members of the Diplomatic Council, a global think tank in consultative status with the United Nations, to bring to life groundbreaking projects with large social impact.

It was an amazing year full of important changes and intriguing challenges and here's to another even better year. Business or Startup Life is can be quite hard at times, but remember, just keep swimming!

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