How Brand Identity Can Skyrocket Your Business

by Perjan Duro, Founder

Regardless of the industry or niche, you plan to dominate in the years to come, the road to success is bound to be laden with challenges, of which separating your brand from the rest of the competition will arguably be the toughest of all. In a world of ever-expanding online and offline marketplaces, potential customers are constantly bombarded by thousands of companies offering the next big thing, and you are just one of the thousands competing for the love and affection your target demographic. So how do you rise above the competition and establish yourself as the leader in the industry? By investing in creating a winning brand people will fall in love with.

Give the market what it wants

Before you start crafting your stories or brainstorming your values, you will first need to figure out what your modern consumer actually wants. After all, without relevant industry insights to back your every decision and guide you along the way to a beautiful brand, how do you know if your efforts will bear any fruit? You can start by defining your target demographic and creating your ideal customer’s avatar, their age, gender(s), likes and dislikes, habits, average income – you know, the whole shebang. Next, consider what your competitors are doing, and then think of ways to improve on their efforts, and take the branding game a step further.

Define your values

Every brand looking to establish an emotional connection with their audience (which you should) needs to emphasize their unique values. And no, “dedication to quality” and “striving for unparalleled customer experience” are not viable options. People don’t care that you offer quality, they don’t care what you strive for – they care how your values will impact their lives. With that said, you want to approach the task of crafting values from your customer’s perspective. Consider what they want, and ask yourself why they want it. Moreover, it’s important to figure how they want it to be served. Yes, it’s a nuanced art form, branding, but these little emotional triggers will be the defining point of your success.

Discover your unique tone of voice

Nowadays, every brand sounds the same. Quality, innovation, customer satisfaction, blah, blah, blah. It’s getting pretty old, and people are no longer buying it. After all, all of these statements are kind of expected to be unequivocal statements of a 21st-century company. What’s more, not only are stereotypical statements doing nothing for your brand identity, but if you don’t have a unique tone of voice to communicate your messages the right way, you can’t expect people to listen. Instead, contemporary brand development focuses on creating a tone of voice that resonates in the hearts and minds of the audience, it aims to turn heads towards your brand and incentivize people to check out what you’re all about. If you create a tone of voice people will immediately associate with your company, and weave it into every aspect of your brand including content, advertising, internal and external communication, you will be able to separate your brand from the rest of the herd.

Establish a strong visual identity

Speaking of establishing a striking presence in the online (and offline) world, visual identity is another key component of a successful, unique brand. Needless to say, modern-day visual design favors transparency, tidiness, and a minimalist approach over a cluttered presentation that will just confuse the observer in its attempt to push every product their way. What’s more, this seamless, user-friendly look needs to be in line with the aforementioned values, messages, and tone of voice. Everything needs to fall into place like pieces of a beautiful branding puzzle, so make sure that your brand logo, colors, pictures, and other materials all speak the same language. When all of these pieces have found their place, the time has come to disseminate your story.

Move on to a comprehensive dissemination strategy

Branding is an essential part of marketing. Without it, your marketing strategy is destined to be yet another feeble attempt to push your products towards the customer. Unfortunately, the modern customer does not appreciate intrusive brands, so you need a comprehensive “pull” strategy instead. Now’s the time to let your brand speak to the hearts and minds of the community by sharing it across all of your social media platforms, integrating it into your online presence, as well as your influencer policy. Before long, the industry will be talking about this amazing new company that inspires trust and positivity and unites its customers into a family.

In the modern world, there can be no success without branding. People will judge your company by its ability to strike an emotional cord, and connect itself with its customers on a deep, profound level. Only with a strong brand identity will you be able to stand above your competitors and ensure a successful and solvent future.

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