Why Habits Matter and Why They Can Alter Your Life For The Better

Habits are the things we do, but also, and maybe as importantly, the way we think and what we believe. And because it’s the brain’s shortcut to behaving and feeling certain ways, it becomes automatic behavior.

That’s great when this automatic behaviour is a good and healthy behaviour. You eat healthy, you exercise, you read books, you hone your conversation skills and so on. But habits can also be bad so the shortcuts or automatic behaviours will be bad, too often self-destructive. 

This is why habits matter. This is why you need to develop healthy and good habits that will change and improve your life on a daily basis. But at the same time, we need to stop bad and self-destructive habits cause they will ruin both your personal and work life. 

So the next time you are frustrated by something or someone, don’t go for a drink or smoke a cigarette cause “it’ll take the edge off”. Instead, try breathing for 5 minutes to clear your mind. Or go out for a walk or do some push-ups or pull-ups. Channel those negative thoughts and feelings into something positive.

It’s easy to blame yourself when something goes wrong or to believe the worst is going to happen. Learning not to be your own worst enemy will combat negative self-talk.

Positive thinking can increase your lifespan, decrease stress, and promote wellbeing. This mindset also helps to learn better-coping skills in life.

The little small daily things we do that day in day out, week in week out, and then month in month out, go into making the person we are – how we think, feel and act. 

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